Italy was Great
By John

We spent 5 nights in Rome last May, and it was my first and long anticipated visit. I found it so difficult to plan for the trip as the sheer number of things to do, see, eat, etc. was overwhelming. It was definitely the hardest time I've ever had planning a trip away and I usually am quite loose with my planning. It was definitely worth it but I was shocked by 1. the number of tourists, 2. the disorganisation of the tourist sights, 3. the weather (coming from London!), 4. the lack of description for the sights, 5. a gelato a day keeps exhaustion away! Day 1: We arrived at our hotel the night before. The hotel was a pleasant surprise and I would really recommend. We had planned to walk as much as possible so being relatively central was key for us. We managed to get quite central although we did end up doing a LOT of walking. It was pouring with rain this day so we went to explore Castel Sant’Angelo as I had read online there shouldn't be a queue. There ended up being a rather large queue in front so we waited about half an hour to an hour to get inside. The castle was quite fun and we managed to not get too soaked. In the afternoon, the rain had ceased and we went to the iconic Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. There was a huge queue for the Pantheon but it moved very quickly. The Trevi fountain had a mass of people in front but we were able to get to the "front" reasonably quickly. Next we headed to Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, which was relatively quiet. At this point we were still feeling energetic with the excitement of being in Rome so we climbed up the Spanish Steps and then to the top of the Pincian Hill and caught the sunset over Rome. There was a gelato festival on but we didn't get tickets as the gelato didn't look as enticing as the gelato we had had during the day.

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